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Chandan Specialty Lab

Chandan Specialty Lab


Chandan Speciality Lab, a central lab for all specialized pathological investigations at Biotechnology Park, Lucknow is a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, global best practices and an extensive intellectual capital. It has made Chandan Healthcare Ltd. a front runner in the area of diagnostic testing.It is backed by a large team of pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists and trained medical laboratory technologists along with the supporting personnel.

Chandan does more than 10 million tests per year and provide quality services to 5 million patients every year. The company’s central lab at Lucknow has the facilities to perform the most comprehensive tests range including more than 2000 different tests and panels in the field of

  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Biophysics
  • Virology
  • Flowcytometry
  • Cytogenetics
  • Endocrinology
  • Nutrition & Metabolic Disorders
  • Oncology
  • Toxicology
  • Immunochemistry
  • Infectious diseases
  • Biochemistry
  • Hematology
  • Histopathology
  • Cytology


The lab is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure continuous service. The laboratory has a well documented Quality Assurance (QA) program based on good laboratory practices (GLP) and highest priority is given to client confidentiality. We perform testing in the laboratory using standard operating procedures and world class equipment. Our Quality Assurance team understands that accurate clinical data is the key to maintaining the integrity of researches and for the well-being of each subject.

Sample Management

Pre-analytical factors can contribute to as high as 55% of total errors made by a pathology laboratory. We, at Chandan Specialty Lab, use effective Sample Management practices and well-organized pre-analytical systems to eliminate possible errors in test reports.

Our Lab Services Section has put into place, a detailed system of checks in the following areas:

  • Registration
  • Sample Handling and Labelling (Bar coding)
  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Transport
  • Sample preparation and storage
  • Sample Dispatch to Laboratory for Analysis Registration
  • A dedicated team of trained data entry operators carries out the registration process.
  • Double-checking of data entry is done under supervision, which ensures zero errors in registration of sample.
  • All the requisitions are stored in organized manner for reference.
  • Registration is done online.
  • Major collection/reference centres are directly connected through lease line for registration and reporting.

Sample Handling and Labeling:


  • A dedicated team of technicians ensures checking of sample integrity, labelling and bar-coding.
  • To ensure result reliability, acceptance and rejection of sample policies are well defined.
  • As soon as registration is done, specific bar code for the patient’s sample is generated, which carries SID (Sample identification number) information.
  • The software generates appropriate number of bar codes for each patient.
  • The bar code label also contains patient’s name, date and time of collection, name of tests and type of container.
  • The system ensures zero chance of wrong labelling

Sample Collection:

  • All the collection rooms, collection centres and reference centres carry a directory of Chandan Directory of services, which has detailed guidelines on sample collection, preparation, storage and transport
  • The most labile analytics like Ammonia, Semen and Bicarbonate are collected only at the main processing laboratory. Any other collected sample is not accepted.
  • Other labile analytics like PTH, ACTH and HIV-RNA are transported in dry ice.
  • All the regular samples are transported in cool gel packs in a temperature controlled specially designed vaccine/ thermacoal boxes.
  • To maintain integrity of samples the local samples are delivered within 3-4 hours and outstation samples within 8 to 24 hours using cargo or courier mode.
  • Specific insulated vaccine boxes have been designed for transport of samples that have special temperature requirements.
  • Sample Preparation and Storage
  • It is mandatory to carry out sample preparation activity as early as possible for efficiency and for maintenance of sample integrity.
  • Serum/plasma is separated within 30 minutes.
  • Critical/labile samples like semen, ESR etc. are sent for analysis immediately.
  • Necessary facilities have been given for storing samples at ambient, refrigeration or frozen (up to -700C) levels.
  • Based on the type of tests requested and depending on nature of analyte, the samples are stored from 4 days to 1 month.
  • Sample Dispatch to Laboratory for Analysis
  • Samples are dispatched to analytical area with utmost care.
  • Each laboratory section is equipped with scanners for easy tracking of samples.
  • The system is foolproof to ensure zero sample loss or misplacement.

Report Management


Report Generation:

  • A separate Report Section team is responsible for report generation.
  • Automatic "Reports ready for printing” ensures that reports have undergone three levels of authorization and ready for printing.
  • The physical copies carry patient’s demographics in detail, reference details, test information, results of analysis and digital signature of the pathologist who has finally authorized the report.
  • The layout of the reports ensures easy presentation.
  • The physical copies are reviewed before putting them into envelopes.
  • These report envelopes are sorted according to reference for dispatch.
  • Each report carries specific bar code for easy tracking.

Report Dispatch

The reports are delivered through various modes:

  • All the franchisee and outstation reference centre reports are uploaded on web. They become accessible immediately after final authorization.
  • In selected cases, the outstation reports are sent through courier.
  • “Remote printing" mode is also used by collection centres.
  • In-house courier team efficiently delivers local reference centres reports.
  • Appropriate log of report dispatch and delivery is maintained.

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